Sequor Law’s Summer Series Podcasts

In this series, our distinguished Sequor Law attorneys sit down with other subject-matter experts to discuss cutting-edge legal issues, from the recovery of cryptocurrency to the psychology behind financial fraud to uncovering nominees and other aiders and abettors.

See below our upcoming podcasts for the month of August. 


Hot Topics in Cross Border Insolvency

with Sequor Counsel Nyana Abreu Miller

August 19, 2021 



Expert Guest Speakers:

Sarah Murray, Head of Dispute Resolution, Stevens & Bolton (UK)

Felipe Vieira, Attorney, Duarte Forssell Advogados (Brazil) 

In this podcast episode, three lawyers specializing in cross-border insolvency and litigation discuss recent developments in the United States, Great Britain, and Brazil. A Brazilian lawyer will discuss Brazil’s recent implementation of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency. An English solicitor will look at remedies available in the English courts to support efforts to recover assets, in accordance with the principles in the Model Law and more generally through Mareva/freezing injunctions and Norwich Pharmacal Orders. A U.S. lawyer will address the treatment of corporate groups in cross-border cases and recent decisions of interest arising under the Model Law.

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The Effect of the General Data Protection Regulation on Discovery

with Sequor Attorney Amanda Finley 

August 25, 2021



This podcast episode will discuss the case law regarding the GDPR as interpreted under U.S. law. It will address the various approaches that U.S. courts have taken in response to objections to discovery based on the GDPR. Finally, it will address practical actions that both plaintiff and defense counsel may take in order to resolve these disputes effectively.

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The Tangled Web They Weave: Detangling the Web of Nominees, Aiders and Abettors

with Sequor Attorney Carolina Goncalves and 

Director of Investigations Barbara Miranda

August 31, 2021



Expert Guest Speaker:

Julieta LaMalfa, Director of Disputes, Compliance & Investigations, Stout (US)

The use of nominees, aiders and abettors to transfer and hide assets is common throughout all jurisdictions. Moreover, each jurisdiction has different levels of public records and information available to identify the ultimate beneficial owners of assets as well as laws related to piercing through these facades to ultimately access the assets of the debtor. With this in mind, this podcast is meant to give an introduction into the types of nominees, aiders and abettors, how to identify them, the availability of records reflecting ultimate beneficial ownership in various jurisdictions, and potential legal tools to use once you have sufficient evidence to show a judge that these individuals and/or entities are in fact nominees, aiders and/or abettors of the debtor.

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