Financial Fraud

Individuals, businesses, institutions, governments and government instrumentalities are victimized by financial fraud daily.  The losses when measured in dollars are staggering.  By every other measure, the effects of financial fraud are undeniable and, oftentimes, devastating.  Headlines from around the world confirm that no one, no matter how sophisticated, is immune to fraud.  When faced with these situations victims of fraud are forced to decide whether to act or not to redress their situation and hold the fraudster and his or her facilitators accountable.  Inaction benefits only the fraudster and assures the permanency of the loss for the victim.  Sequor law abhors these outcomes and has built a world-renowned financial fraud practice focused on helping victims of fraud prosecute investigations and legal actions against fraudsters of all stripes.

In the course of its work, Sequor Law’s financial fraud team frequently coordinates multi-jurisdictional investigations and asset recovery efforts with legal, forensic and investigative experts in other jurisdictions, including regularly in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Canada, Europe and Asia. Our professionals have backgrounds in finance, accounting, and are also fluent in several languages, facilitating the analysis of evidence from around the world in real time. Sequor Law’s financial fraud team is committed to pushing cases and obtaining results as quickly and cost-effectively as possible and brings with it tested relationships with third-party litigation funders who can help putative plaintiffs prosecute financial fraud cases against well-funded adversaries.

Sequor Law also brings to bear its leadership in the International Chamber of Commerce’s FraudNet, the premier financial fraud and asset recovery network in the world. Whether the nexus of the fraud and ultimate landing place for the misappropriated assets is in the United States or elsewhere, our network acts as a “24/7” rapid deployment force that can go toe-to-toe with the world’s most sophisticated fraudsters.