International Commercial Litigation

International Commercial Litigation

Sequor Law represents clients in significant international litigation and disputes. Its lawyers handle commercial disputes coming from most every country in Central and South America, Mexico, the US, Canada and Europe.  Clients include Fortune 50 companies, global banks, large non-US corporations, and government entities.  With a network of contacts that span the globe and deep experience in international commercial litigation, the firm’s services in international commercial litigation has no boundaries.

In the US, Sequor Law represents clients in federal, state and appellate courts throughout the U.S. and has deep experience with the doctrines particular to international litigation, such as forum non conveniens, personal jurisdiction, conflicts of laws, sovereign immunity, and international treaties.  We have handled numerous international commercial disputes involving, among other things, breach of contract, fraud, tortious interference, investment disputes, distributorship disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, and conspiracy, as well as numerous other causes of action provided for by state and/or federal law.  We are also experienced in assisting foreign counsel in seeking evidence in the US under 28 U.S.C.§1782 and under other tools available in courts in the United States for gathering evidence in aid of foreign proceedings or abroad.

Where matters are pending in multiple jurisdictions, Sequor Law’s lawyers are often engaged to devise the global strategy and oversee its implementation by counsel in the various jurisdictions in order to ensure that consistent positions are taken and that no action is taken in any one jurisdiction that would harm another.

Furthermore, due to their broad experience in supervising and being involved in litigation matters in a variety of legal cultures, the firm’s attorneys are familiar with remedies available, tactics employed, and how to address them in other jurisdictions.  Because many of Sequor Law’s lawyers are bilingual or trilingual, as well as multicultural, they are able to deal comfortably with the legal environments encountered in any jurisdiction across the globe.  This allows the firm’s lawyers to advise clients on strategies in the region that often require sensitivity to public relations, political considerations and local cultural issues.

Representative Cases

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Sequor Law represents a healthcare company specializing in the purchase and sale of personal protective equipment (“PPE”) in litigation against a purported supplier of PPE, involving claims of breach of contract, money had and received, and for alter ego liability of the PPE supplier’s president and founder. The litigation focused on the PPE supplier’s false representations and failure to either deliver PPE under the terms of the contract or refund the healthcare company’s multi-million dollar deposit made for the purchase and delivery of one million boxes of nitrile gloves during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. After briefing, and without the need for oral argument, a California District Court granted summary judgment for Sequor Law’s client on all claims, against the PPE supplier’s affirmative defenses, and finding alter ego liability of the PPE supplier’s president and founder. The final judgment in favor of Sequor Law’s client provides for $2,580,000 in damages plus $519,534.24 in prejudgment interest and $500,113.07 in attorneys’ fees.

Sequor Law represents a minority shareholder in litigation involving claims of conspiracy, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and fraudulent transfer against the majority shareholder of a Colombia-based family construction materials business and other co-conspirators. The litigation focuses on the minority shareholder’s converted ownership interest in the family business and his entitlement to monies owed as the result of his one-third ownership thereof. The defendants included the business, the business’ majority shareholder (the minority shareholder’s cousin), the international bank holding the converted funds, the escrow trustee, and the European purchaser of the business. After a multi-week jury trial, Sequor obtained an amended final judgment against the co-conspirator purchasers of the family business in the amount of $19,500,000.00, plus $7,077,671.27 in prejudgment interest. Sequor also obtained a separate $19,500,000.00 final judgment against the majority shareholder and offshore co-conspirators, plus $7,489,278.40 in prejudgment interest.