COVID-19 and Cross-Border Insolvencies

Brazil’s health minister has predicted that the spread of COVID-19 would reach its peak between April and June and has warned that Brazil’s health system could reach saturation by the end of April.

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Obtaining Evidence for use in International Tribunals under 28 U.S.C. Section 1782

Sequor Law’s Arnoldo Lacayo and Raul Torrao co-authored a chapter with Annette Escobar in the recently released book “Obtaining Evidence for Use in International Tribunals under 28 U.S.C. Section 1782”.

How Asset Recovery, Insolvency & Fraud Litigation Practitioners Can Adapt & Thrive In The COVID-19 Crisis

Sequor Law shareholder Ed Davis kicked off the OffshoreAlert Webinar Series for a timely discussion on “How Asset Recovery, Insolvency & Fraud Litigation Practitioners Can Adapt & Thrive in The COVID-19 Crises”.

Asset recovery column: emerging minority view on delivery of subpoenas under FRCP 45

Sequor Law shareholder Leyza Blanco and attorney Daniel Coyle in Miami discuss the emerging trend in US federal and bankruptcy courts regarding service of subpoenas under rule 45(b)(1) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).

University of Miami names Sequor of counsel as first bankruptcy chair

Of counsel Andrew Dawson will be awarded the Judge A Cristol Endowed Chair in Bankruptcy at a ceremony on 6 March, which will take place at the university where he is already a professor and a vice dean.

Turkish Brothers’ $388M Award Fight Sent Back To State Court

A Florida federal judge has let a Turkish company go back to state court as it seeks to enforce a $338 million arbitral award, finding that two Turkish businessmen’s removal to federal court last year was untimely.

February 2020 Quarterly Newsletter

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Miami’s Specialist in Brazilian Chapter 15 Cases

When the foreign representative of defunct Brazilian limestone mining company Brasagro Fertilizantes Minerais Ltda. in October sought to investigate and recover alleged improper transfers of the company’s assets to the U.S., its advisers made a popular choice for the firm to handle the needed Chapter 15 petition: Miami-based Sequor Law PA.

A church, its shell companies and a plan to have rapper Flo Rida plug high-end bubbly

It’s not every day that a church, enjoying tax-exempt status in the United States, is seen as a viable candidate to buy offshore shell companies with their own bank accounts, which can give the appearance of a longstanding business. The COO of one of those church-affiliated offshore businesses at one time had reached out to none other than Flo Rida, the Miami-born rap artist, trying to swing a deal to have him invest in a brand of high-end champagne called Billionaires Row. Flo Rida’s lawyer said no and the plan fizzled.

Pooled BVI liquidations seek US recognition

The liquidators of three British Virgin Islands companies tied up in an alleged US$200 million fraud conducted by a former mayor of São Paulo have filed for US recognition, days after a local court authorised the pooling of their liquidations.