Meet Sequor Law’s Pets

Get to know the delightful personalities of our Team’s beloved pets. From loyal dogs, to curious cats, each furry friend adds a unique touch to our Sequor Law family.

Tito Cortesi

Tito loves to take naps on the couch and explore the backyard.

Gizmo and Hector Coyle

Gizmo loves to hunt his squeaky ducky, while Hector loves to hunt Gizmo.

Tintin Grossman

Tintin is a valiant canine who regards airplanes and garbage trucks as his sworn enemies, and is ever-ready to defend his territory from these mechanical beasts.

Sonny Davis

Sonny believes that squirrels are enemies, and the trees that harbor them are also enemies.

Fern Florin

Fern likes to think he’s a dog model on the cover of a magazine.

Maggie Halperin

Maggie’s favorite line is, “This isn’t so hard.”

Luna Lacayo

Luna enjoys human hugs and long naps (snoring included) during Zoom calls with lawyers and clients from all over the world.

Brody Mendoza

Brody loves to party and hang out with friends; he’s always ready to network.

Buckley Menendez

When he’s not busy napping and begging for scraps, Buckley enjoys barking at squirrels, birds, other dogs, thunder, trucks of all kinds, and anyone delivering anything

Zuka Miller

Zuka has bravely defended the family from FedEx and Uber Eats delivery people since 2020.

Crossbones "Bones" Salas Mosquera

Bones will see you in court if you don't give him enough pets.

Fiddle Leaf Rome

No pets to see here, just plants.

Virgil Hawkins Timothy

Virgil still doesn't know how strong his legs are, so he regularly flops when he misjudges his jumps onto chairs, the bed, or up to grab a treat.