Attorney Spotlight: Amanda E. Finley 


On this month’s Attorney Spotlight, we interviewed Sequor Law Attorney, Amanda E. Finley, who’s providing her insights on the legal industry.





What inspired you to study law?
I always knew it was the right path for me. In high school, I really enjoyed taking part in debates, and based on my skill set, law increasingly seemed like a natural choice. So, I majored in Political Science at UF, went on to law school, and never looked back. I am proud to say that I am the first lawyer in my family.


What practice areas do you focus on?
Litigation representing primarily victims of fraud and fiduciaries in asset recovery, commercial litigation, Chapter 15 cases, and proceedings under section 1782, as well as bankruptcy litigation representing creditors.


What is most exciting to you about being a lawyer in this day and age?
How technology has changed the way we practice law, making it more efficient and streamlined, is very exciting to me. While the pandemic has had many negative consequences, one silver lining is the way it necessitated the introduction of remote hearings, motions, and the like. Lawyers and clients no longer have to battle traffic, find a place to park, and wait around–sometimes an hour or more–for a five-minute motion. We have done many days of full-blown evidentiary hearings via Zoom, and using screen share is very effective.


What advice would you give to young attorneys?
Be organized, diligent, and honest. Check your daily calendars and alarms at least twice–more is better. Overprepare and you’ll do well.


How does Sequor Law distinguish itself from competitors in the market?
Sequor is distinctive in that it is a boutique firm that specializes in niche areas of the law, such as asset recovery, fraud-based litigation, Chapter 15 cases, and 1782 cases. Focusing on these areas we devote all our energy, experience, and passion to securing exceptional results.


How important are marketing efforts for Sequor Law? 
I believe that in today’s world, at least a minimal level of marketing is essential for law firms. After all, websites are a resource where attorneys and their firms can be verified, while newsletters keep you top of mind.


What do you like most about Sequor Law? 
Sequor allows me the opportunity to engage in the kind of higher-level work that bigger firms typically would not give an associate. For example, I have argued significant motions and even presented oral arguments before a Court of Appeals. Opportunities like those are fast-tracking my professional growth, making me a stronger, more effective attorney early on in my career.

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