Fla. Judge OKs Espirito Santo’s $8M Deal With Bankrupt Bank

A Florida bankruptcy judge on Tuesday indicated that she would sign off on an $8 million settlement ending bankrupt Brazilian bank Banco Santos SA’s racketeering and tort suit against Portugal-based Espirito Santo Bank.

University of Miami Inter-American Law Review

Salvage at Your Own Peril: A Common Law Approach to Maritime Treasure Recovery

This note will form a prescriptive guide for future disputes based on significant cases brought in American courts regarding the salvage of wrecks containing cultural property and lost treasure.

University of Miami Inter-American Law Review

A Twenty-First Century Prisoner Exchange: The Case of the Isaías Brothers

Two brothers from Latin America are pitting the United States and Ecuador against each other in a battle over the freedom of the press, Edward Snowden, and campaign finance rules.

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