Areas of Practice

Asset Recovery

Sequor Law is recognized worldwide for its leadership in the practice area. We not only recover assets for victims of fraud and corruption, but also seek to hold aiders and abettors, conspirators, and facilitators liable through third-party actions.

Bank Litigation

Sequor Law has significant experience representing financial institutions in connection with operational banking disputes and regularly handles claims asserted against financial institutions by demand deposit account holders and insolvency fiduciaries.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Sequor Law represents clients in most aspects of bankruptcy and insolvency law both domestically and with insolvencies based outside the United States. The firm leverages unparalleled experience in connection with Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Corruption and Proceeds of Crime Recovery

Sequor Law is on the front lines of the fight to deprive corrupt actors of their ill-gotten gains and our leadership in the anti-corruption field stretches from the International Chamber of Commerce’s FraudNet to the International Bar Association.

Creditors’ Rights

Sequor Law regularly represents secured and unsecured creditors, including traditional and non-traditional lenders, as well as judgment holders, in enforcing their rights to payment both within the US and abroad.

Cross-Border Matrimonial Asset Investigation

The Sequor Law team, armed with state-of-the-art investigative tools, has access to a global network of international investigators, accountants, and lawyers experienced in identifying assets that were not disclosed or were grossly undervalued in matrimonial cases.

Financial Fraud

Sequor Law frequently coordinates multi-jurisdictional investigations and asset recovery efforts with legal, forensic and investigative experts in the United States and other global jurisdictions, leveraging our leadership in the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) FraudNet.

International Commercial Litigation

Deeply experienced and with a network of contacts that spans the globe, Sequor Law represents Fortune 50 companies, global banks, large foreign corporations, and government entities in commercial disputes.

International Judgment and Arbitral Award Collection

Through cash flow and asset-tracing methods, Sequor Law exposes and recovers assets post-judgment from people and entities worldwide. We also confirm and enforce arbitral awards from a variety of arbitral institutions and bodies around the world.

Complementary Resources

Evidence-Gathering Tools

Sequor Law is called upon to bolster cross-border investigations and to represent foreign litigants and other interested parties in need of evidence located in, or reachable from, the U.S. In this area Sequor Law has pioneered the use of the versatile 28 U.S.C. § 1782 discovery statute as well as bankruptcy-specific and common law-derived discovery tools.

Forensic Accounting

With experience in some of the world’s largest corruption, insolvency and embezzlement cases, Sequor Law’s forensic accounting team can be deployed to trace assets, investigate financial transactions, build a damages model, or support in-court filings.


Our internal resources employ the latest investigative tools and techniques. We are focused on generating reliable intelligence with case-specific value.

Litigation Funding

Sequor law works closely with the world’s premier litigation funders who themselves are experienced at identifying and funding cases with strong recovery potential.