Cross-Border Matrimonial Asset Investigations

Wealthy individuals often conceal assets from their spouses, particularly when contemplating a divorce filing.  These individuals may maintain their wealth in complex corporate structures, offshore holdings, trusts and other hiding places.  Sequor Law’s marital asset recovery team is part of a global network of international investigators, accountants and lawyers experienced in identifying assets that were not disclosed or were grossly undervalued.  We employ state of the art investigative tools, and act on that intelligence, to assist in the identification and valuation of assets not disclosed in the divorce proceedings, reopen closed divorce proceedings, freeze assets and recover marital wealth for our clients.  Where the aggrieved spouse has been left with litigation fatigue and little disposable wealth to fund the recovery efforts, our marital asset recovery team works closely with litigation funders who themselves are experienced at identifying and funding cases with strong recovery potential.  Good family law attorneys know that asset disclosure fraud happens often in high net worth divorce cases.  That is why Board-Certified Marital and Family Law attorneys, members of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (“IAFL”) and American College of Trial Lawyers co-counsel with and refer their asset investigation and recovery cases to Sequor Law.